Miranda Ferrier CEO

Miranda Ferrier

CEO and Provincial President


Miranda Ferrier was born in the Kitchener/Waterloo region and spent her childhood in Toronto.  Ferrier has worked internationally in both the US and Holland and returned to Canada in 2004.  In 2006 Miranda graduated from the Mohawk College, Hamilton Campus Personal Support Worker Program and began her life’s work in Ontario healthcare. Ferrier worked as a Personal Support Worker in Long Term Care, Home Care and Hospital settings until retiring from the field 8 years ago to dedicate her time fully to The Ontario Personal Support Workers Association and the Canadian Support Workers Association.

President and co-founder of both the Ontario Personal Support Workers Association and the Canadian Support Workers Association, Ferrier is the go-to expert for national and local media covering stories about front-line health care and has been called upon by governments and Crown inquiries to provide insight and testimony to improve care to vulnerable populations. In recognition of this work, Ferrier was recognized by her alma mater Mohawk College by being bestowed the Distinguished Fellow Honorary Diploma and was nominated for the Premier Award in Ontario.  Ferrier sits on many Federal and Provincial Committees with such stakeholders as Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Medical Association and Mental Health Commission of Canada, as well as Provincially committees such as the BSO Committee and Unity Health Toronto.

Ferrier has appeared on CTV’s W5 and CBC Marketplace as their Expert Guest on PSWs, CBC Radio One, CBC news now, Zoomer Radio, CTV National news, CBC National, CTV News, The New York Times, The Toronto Star, Macleans Magazine, Global National, The Canadian Press, Reuters and many local newspapers.

Contact Miranda @ info@opswa.com