Our goal is to make the Support Worker a profession of choice in the Health Care field and not just as a stepping stone.

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Our goal is to make the Support Worker a profession of choice in the Health Care field and not just as a stepping stone.

National Membership

National Employer Membership

This applies to any care provider that operates in more than one province (excluding Quebec) or has more than one million in annual revenue.

SW Entrepreneurial Membership

Entrepreneurial Membership

The CANSWA Entrepreneurial Membership is a great new way to offer security and peace of mind to you and your clients.

PSW Student Membership

Student Membership

CANSWA is proud to offer all Support Worker Students a FREE Membership to the association for their time in school.

Along with our liability coverage,
each membership provides exclusive access to:

Jobs & Interview Endorsements

FREE Specialized Education

Corporate Sponsorship & Networking

Regulation Updates

24/7 Support

Whistleblower Protection

Protect You - The SW

As more news coverage is given to home care and the claims that can arise from it, it will become common for a potential client to ask to see proof of your liability insurance prior to hiring you.

Just as everyone asks to see proof of insurance before hiring a contractor or roofer, it’s not just SW’s in the homecare sector that benefit from liability insurance. Nursing homes are beginning to manage and mitigate their risk exposure by transferring liability to the SW via the employment contract.

Look for the phrases waiver of subjugation or hold harmless in your contact. Even if no such clause exists, the patient or their family could elect to name the SW personally in addition to the nursing home in the lawsuit. The nursing home will only cover their defense costs, not the SW’s.

Coverage Benefits

By obtaining your own insurance you are purchasing peace of mind that your interests are protected.

Errors & Omissions coverage

Your CANSWA membership includes a minimum of $2,000,000 coverage, which can be increased for as low as $10. 

Claims-made and reported policy

Definition of insured services includes all services customary to that of a personal support worker

Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

$50,000 Defence Costs Payment Coverage Extension

Disciplinary Action

$25,000 Legal Expense Coverage – does not apply to abuse coverage

Penal Defence Reimbursement

$25,000 Coverage

Personal Assets

You’ve worked hard to earn them. They will not be seized and you won’t be facing bankruptcy.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Can be purchased for as low as $50.

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